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Produced up to 5 MVA power rating and 36 kV high voltage level. Oil immersed transformers are available as single or three phase, hermetically sealed or with conservator tank.

Single Phase Transformers

Produced up to 160 kVA  power rating and 36 kV high voltage level for catenary, utilities or special applications. Designed as pole mounted with oil conservator. Cable box and other accessory options are available. To read more >

Power Transformers

Manufactured up to 16 MVA and 36 kV level. ONAN or ONAF type of cooling, Off Load or On Load Tap changers with automatic voltage regulation panels, step up or step down transformers can be manufactured.

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Three Phase Transformers

These oil immersed transformers are manufactured up to 5000 kVA  power rating and 36 kV high voltage level. Designed with conservator or hermetically sealed type. Dual voltage, eco losses, photo voltaic and solar application transformers are available.  To read more >

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