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tailor made transformer solutions

We produce HV&LV coils for transformer manufacturers accroding to their design and specifications.
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We produce coils and core asemmblies as semi assembled parts or ready to use active parts with all electrical connection and accessories.
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We supply full transformers  as dismounted (to be assembled in another facility) or fully assembled and %100 tested final products as toll manufacturing. 
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In transformer, there are two windings, normally one is primary winding and other is secondary winding. From both of these in which the winding voltage have higher with respect to other one is called HV winding and the winding which have low voltage with respect to other winding is called LV winding. The primary and secondary windings of oil filled transformers are made with aluminium or electrolytic copper.

In our production line, the coils are wound with the well-known European brand winding machines. Thanks to abilities of these machines, we have the chance to wound the coils as aligned, stable, tension controlled and having good mechanical resistance to short-circuit forces. We can wound different shape of coils as cylindrical, rectangular and oval type as per the requirement of our customers.

For low voltage coils; foil, rectangular wire or round wire can be used. The coils are wound with these type of conductors according to the customer needs. If foil will be wound, the starting and finishing lead of the coil is maintained by welding an appropriate cross sectioned busbar. The welding process is that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld for busbar to foil welding, known as “tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding”. The weld area and electrode is protected from oxidation or other atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas (argon).The other type of welding process is oxygen welding which is applied for the same kind of conductors(wire to wire). Regarding insulation, the inter-layer paper is epoxy diamond dotted paper, to give proper adhesion to the layers.

For high voltage coils, rectangular wire or round wire can be used. The windings are wound with fully-automatically microprocessor controlled winding machines. We have the ability to apply layered insulation as per the voltage rating of the transformers. Gap between each section of high voltage coils including top & bottom clearances is maintained with the help of oil ducts, as per the design We are getting perfect results as reaching the values like diameter, length, etc, which are predetermined in the project stage. For welding, we apply oxygen welding in order to connect the wires.



The construction of a simple two-winding transformer consists of each winding being wound on a core of the soft iron form which provides the necessary magnetic circuit. The iron cores are manufactured with cold rolled grain oriented electrical sheet steel (CRGO) having thicknesses of 0.30 mm, 0.27 mm and 0.23 mm as per the requested no-load loss values. The laminations are thinly insulated on both sides, allowing for a good stacking factor for the core. All the cores are mitred and step lap cut which gives a benefit in no-load losses and noise level.

We can supply just the core assembly itself .In addition to that , we can supply the core and coil windings as a ready to use raw-transformer. In case of this kind of request, the core assembly is vertically placed with the foot plate touching the ground. The top yoke of the core is removed. The low voltage and high voltage coils are placed on the core limbs. The top yoke is refilled.Top core frame including core bolts and tie rods are fixed in position. Connections to the tapping switch (if required) are made.

After the winding and core assembly are maintained, the turn ratio test is applied to the raw-transformer and prepared for delivery if it passes.


Atlas Trafo is able to manufacture fully finished distributiontransformers as sub production for third parties .  These oil immersed transformers can be produced in Atlas Transformer Manufacturing Factory with customers' design  or with his own design . Finished products will be tested according to IEC 60076 and will be dispatched  with warranty and test reports.

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