• Quality

    ▪ To meet ISO 9001 standards, we continuously improve our quality management system documentation, certifications and educations.
    ▪ Incoming Material Control
    ▪ Coil Control
    ▪ Pre-Assembly Control
    ▪ Assembly Control
    ▪ Test Control
    ▪ Final Dispatch Control

  • Traceability

    Each part of a transformer (such as core, coils, cover, tank) has labels or embossed definitions with design number and unique serial number on it. Through this unique serial number, we can trace transformers in terms of raw materials, dimensions, visual control results, manufacturing operator/the machine and dates etc.

  • Testing

    ▪ Tests as per IEC EN 60076-1 standard
    ▪ Intermediate tests in all production stages
    ▪ Special tests for global inspections
    ▪ ISO 17025 accreditation application ongoing