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Magnetic Core

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. A varying current in the transformer's primary winding creates a varying magnetic field in the core and this varying magnetic field  induces a varying voltage in the secondary winding.  For best energy transfer each transformer core is produced with  interleaved laminations of cold rolled, grain orientated, low loss electrical sheet steel conforming. Our core designs are ensuring minimum noise and loss levels with uniform flux distribution throughout the magnetic circuit.

Atlas Trafo Transformer İzmir Turkey
Atlas Trafo Transformer İzmir Turkey

Low Voltage and High Voltage Windigs

According to customer requirements Low Voltage and High Voltage windings are designed with Copper are Aluminum conductors. LV windings are made of paper insulated conductors or foils. HV windings are made of enameled  wires or paper insulated conductors. All components of insulation are made  from electrical grade insulating board; processed to ensure electrical and mechanical stability throughout the temperatures found in operational service. High technology winding machines and manufacturing with qualified technicians  ensure that each winding is able to withstand the excessive axial forces, which may result from external sources.

Tank and Top Cover

Transformer tanks are manufactured using mild steel, which is electrically welded. Cooling is effected corrugated walls or radiators, electrically welded and independently pressure tested. Metal is pre-treated by sand blasting, then immediately covered with a high performance industrial paint finish, suitable for highly corrosive environments. This finish is designed to give maximum world-wide, long term protection in coastal, industrial, and general environments with suitable heat and oil resistance.

Atlas Trafo Transformer İzmir Turkey

Drying Process and Final Assembly

Completed core-coils are dried in thermostatically controlled vacuum ovens, fitted into the transformer tank and filled with oil under a vacuum. This is followed by oil pressure adjustments. After the tanking process is complete the transformer is prepared for test.

Atlas Trafo Transformer İzmir Turkey
Atlas Trafo Transformer İzmir Turkey


Atlas Trafo production and its products are certified by several authorities.

Atlas Iso 9001 2020
Atlas Iso 14001 2020
Atlas Ohsas 2020
ATLAS TSE 2019-2020-1
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